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How Amnis Finance works

Step 1

Connect your wallet and stake your

Step 2

Receive liquid stAPT and earn 0.00% APR
rewards in real-time

Step 3

Use in DeFi

Maximize your returns in Aptos

Use in Defi

Liquid staking APT unlocks the world of Aptos DeFi and NFTs! Amnis Finance’s amAPT and stAPT liquid staking token features the most integrations and trading volume across the ecosystem. That means there are plenty of ways to use your amAPT and stAPT while still growing your APT stake.

Mint & Stake

Mint & Stake amAPT/APT to claim rewards on Amnis.

Farming on Cellana

Generate your returns when providing liquidity and farming on Dex.

Farming on PancakeSwap

Generate your returns when providing liquidity and farming on Dex.

Farming on LiquidSwap

Generate your returns when providing liquidity and farming on Dex

Aries Markets

Deposit stAPT on Aries to borrow APT to loop on Amnis.

Abel Finance

Deposit stAPT on Abel Finance to borrow APT.

Aptin Finance

Deposit stAPT on Aptin Finance to borrow APT.

Echelon Markets

Deposit stAPT on Echelon to borrow APT to loop on Amnis.

Trading amAPT/APT

Swap from amAPT to APT.

Multi-signature wallet

MSafe is the multi-sig, non-custodial digital assets management solution.

Amnis Finance Ecosystem

Discover the Amnis Finance ecosystem, where stakers can maximize the potential of their tokens. Explore a range of integrated apps and services that complement Amnis Finance staking capabilities.

Petra Aptos Wallet

Petra makes it easy to store your assets, transact with friends, and connect with apps on the Aptos blockchain.

Aptscan is a new blockchain explorer on Aptos that offers a comprehensive approach to blockchain exploration


PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) built on an automated market marker (AMM) and run on Aptos chain


The immutable production-grade AMM DEX on Aptos, with both volatile and stable pools, a fully-audited list of default assets, yield farming, and more.


MoveBit is a blockchain security company that specializes in the Move Ecosystem. The team comprises security professionals with extensive experience in both academia and enterprise.


Verichains has been a pioneer and leading blockchain security firm in APAC, with extensive expertise in security, cryptography and core blockchain technology.

Aries Markets

Aries Markets is a decentralized exchange built on Move, it aims to aggregate and simplify the user experience across all of DeFi.

Bware Labs

The mission of Bware Labs is to create an infrastructure and development platform that will help Web3 builders throughout their entire blockchain journey from development to production release and beyond.

Forest Staking

Forest Staking is a proof of stake blockchain validator service, aims to set benchmarks in the blockchain sphere through eco-friendly innovation, reliability, and excellence.


A41 is a blockchain infra-service provider that validates and paves paths never ventured before.


ParaFi is a leading crypto-native investment and technology firm founded in 2018, focused on token, venture, and quantitative strategies.


CoinGecko provides a fundamental analysis of the crypto market. CoinGecko tracks price, volume, market capitalisation, major events and on-chain metrics.



Amnis Finance audit report
Oct 13 2023
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Amnis Finance audit report
Nov 7 2023
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